A risograph workshop
Organised by: Risotto Studio
Location: The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Year: 2018

In this workshop facilitated in collaboration with leading risograph printers Risotto at Glasgow's architecture and design centre, The Lighthouse, A+E invited a group of artists and writers including Hannah Brackston, Timothy Collins, Bärbel Praun and Hannah Summers to visualize an ecological brain map. The workshops was an exploration of the persistent tropes of the green movement, the philosophy behind moving beyond these stereotypes and how a new visual imaginary might be created. A series of six posters were created responding to the discussions and were exhibited as part of Risotto's 'Riso Room' exhibition.

Special thanks go to expert risograph technician and printer Mari Campistron for her enduring patience and support.

Some of the final posters can be seen upcycled in MONTE CARLO 1.