A participatory installation and eco-clinic Commissioned by: Generator Projects
As part of: NEoN Digital Arts Festival
Location: Generator Projects, Dundee
Year: 2018

Geoscientists have already conducted research on the incident, and reached the alarming conclusion that the ‘Irn Slime’, as locals are calling it, is accelerating coastal erosion in the area by up to 900%. Offshore oil industry and fishing have been suspended, and official advice for residents concerned has not yet been issued by the local council.

Setting off with the speculative scenario of a recent environmental catastrophe, occurring in Dundee itself, A+E presented ‘Trauma Response Unit’. This eco-clinic intended to provide ‘patients’ with a dedicated care plan at point of need, within the ‘Flesh and Finitude’ exhibition curated by Zsófia Jakab. This participatory installation used accident and emergency services as a framework for thinking through our existential vulnerability as knowing and responsible subjects, within the context of climate crisis and its attendant ‘pre traumatic stress syndrome’. The ‘Trauma Response Unit’ explored psychological adaptation methods, self-help and creative interventions around eco-anxiety.