I’m blue da ba dee da ba da

A reading group
Part of: On My Way Home
Organised by: Market Gallery, Glasgow
Year: 2019

Connecting to the outside world via homing pigeons. The patient as an identity, somewhere to escape from the chokehold of the normal

Blue, Jaakko Pallasvuo

The search for a colour might be a search for home, the sensory allure that prompts belonging. The word ‘ecology’ comes from the Greek ‘oikos’ meaning ‘household’, ‘home’ or ‘place to live’. While green is often associated with ecology, Nelson shuns the colour green in favour of blue; her love of blue becomes a queer diversion of familiar intimacies, comfort and desire. What is it to situate one’s home in such abstractions of sense? A+E was invited by Market Gallery to facilitate discussion on what belonging means in the anthropocene as part of the On my Way Home programme.