A film exploring the nonhuman and uncanny
Length: 8 minutes
Supported by: Creative Carbon Scotland
In collaboration with: Winnie Brook Young (Cinematographer)
Year: 2019

The hard-drive was somewhat deteriorated: chunks of plastic appeared gnawed through or melted to the chip; there were luminous, sporous residues of something microbial, making holes in its surface.

On December 10th 2018, the James Hutton Institute made an unprecedented discovery. After comparing soil sets from thousands of sites across Scotland with soil samples sent by NASA's Discovery rover on Mars, they found the basaltic soil on Mull was ‘strikingly similar’ to that found on Mars.

A mix of amateur cli-fi horror, abstract landscape documentary and the results from a weekend experimenting with a microscope, From Mull to Mars is A+E’s speculative response to the discovery exploring the ethics of contamination, extraterrestrial life-forms, planetary escapism and ecological devastation.

The film was screened as part of a special edition of BIOSYSTEMS at UNFIX Festival 2019, that investigated the genre of Cli-Fi and its role in our ongoing struggle to comprehend climate chaos.