Clay and meditation
Organised by: Tendency Towards & A-N
Location: Assembly, Aberdeen
Year: 2019
Photographs by: Abby Beatrice Quick

There are 90,000 sense receptors per square inch in our fingertips. Picture that: 90,000 satellite dishes inhaling the being, the energetic pulse of the clay. 90,000 antennas exhaling our energies into clay. 90,000 rootlets broadcasting our sensitivities and our intent, grounding us in living intercourse with the earth.

Paulus Berensohn

A+E explored practices of dialogues, intamacy and coexistence in an ecology clinic workshop. In the context of ecological crisis and its fraught political entanglements, we face new challenges in terms of negotiating how to live in a way that prioritises the wellbeing of ourselves and other species. As Donna Haraway argues, we need to develop a collective ‘praxis of care and response’ in the ‘ongoing multispecies worlding’ that occurs on our damaged planet. By focusing on mental health within the anthropocene, the workshop began with the reading of a poetic essay which was followed by a collective meditative clay experience.