Third session of BIOSYSTEMS reading group
Hosted by: Glasgow Zine Library, Glasgow
Special guests: Callie Gardner, Felicity Anderson-Nathan
Year: 2019

The world itself, it turns out, is so queer.

How to Queer Ecology: One Goose at a Time, Alex Johnson

Queer and ecological theory have something fundamental in common: they question what is ‘natural’. Queer ecology emerges from this mutual questioning as a way of yoking together concerns about intimacy/ relationality and collaboration, space, politics and identity. The central text was Derek Jarman’s diary, Modern Nature: a book which brings together everyday musings on gardening, sexuality and friendship, filmmaking and art, residing near a nuclear power station and living and dying with Aids. A+E discussed along with poet Callie Gardner and tutor and writer Felicity Anderson-Nathan, how Jarman’s focus on the pleasures and pains of daily life allows us to negotiate the queer art of thriving and surviving on a damaged planet.